Executive Leadership

Jim Continenza profile picture

James V. Continenza
Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Jim Barnes profile picture

Jim Barnes
Chief IT Implementation Officer

Todd Bigger profile picture

Todd Bigger
Vice President, Print

David Bullwinkle profile picture

David Bullwinkle
Chief Financial Officer
Senior Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company

Roger Byrd profile picture

Roger Byrd
General Counsel
Senior Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company

Laura Cole profile picture

Laura Cole
Vice President, Pricing and Product Management

Denisse Goldbarg profile picture

Denisse Goldbarg
CMO and Head of EAMER Sales

Jeanne Hilley profile picture

Jeanne Hilley
Vice President, Human Resources

Jim Moran profile picture

Jim Moran
Chief Administration Officer and President of Eastman Business Park.

Jenine Rose-Johnson profile picture

Jenine Rose-Johnson
Vice President, Operations and Alternate Channels & Head of APR Sales

Terry R. Taber, PhD profile picture

Terry R. Taber, PhD
Chief Technical Officer
Senior Vice President, Advanced Materials and Chemicals
Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company

Randy D. Vandagriff profile picture

Randy D. Vandagriff
Senior Vice President, Digital Print

Kim VanGelder profile picture

Kim VanGelder
Chief Information Officer

Jeff Zellmer profile picture

Jeff Zellmer
Vice President, Global Sales & Strategy

Senior Leadership

Chris Balls profile picture

Chris Balls
General Manager, WW Print Service & CTP

Vanessa Bendetti profile picture

Vanessa Bendetti
Vice President and Head of Motion Picture

Matthew C. Ebersold profile picture

Matthew C. Ebersold

Rich Michaels profile picture

Rich Michaels
Chief Accounting Officer
Corporate Controller

Mike Webster profile picture

Mike Webster
Director, Print Operations