Printing Plates

SONORA Process Free Plates go straight from the imager to the press, with no processing step in between. Printers reduce environmental impact and eliminate the costs, variability and extra steps of plate processing.

Sonora ultra plate printed product

KODAK SONORA Ultra Process Free Plates

The pinnacle of process free plate technology. Breaking new ground in image contrast, white light exposure tolerance, and plate image stability.

SONORA XTRA Process Free Plates

KODAK SONORA XTRA Process Free Plates

Kodak's most advanced process-free plates offer faster imaging, greater clarity, and durability for extra-long runs, with all the savings of going process free.


TRILLIAN SP Thermal Plates

Strike the right balance of platemaking productivity, performance, and low cost of use, with high unbaked and UV run lengths plus reduced chemistry consumption.

Electra max thermal plate


Top image resolution and platemaking performance even with unbaked and UV ink applications, thanks to excellent chemical resistance and on-press durability.

Electra XD High Res


Consistently high-quality print plus versatility across most applications and press conditions, with post-baked run lengths of at least a million impressions.

LIBRA Cleaner Opt1

KODAK LIBRA VP2 Digital Plates

Next-generation violet plates delivering quality, durability, and a choice of conventional plate processing or a simplified, more sustainable easy chem system.

Sword MAX Print

KODAK SWORD MAX Thermal Plates

Rugged, versatile plates that deliver strong, consistent quality across a variety of substrates and challenging press conditions to maximize job opportunities.