KODALUX Fabric Coating

The Power of Less: Light Blocking Technology
The result of decades of research and collaboration across Kodak, our liner-less light blocking technology, KODALUX Fabric Coating, uses proprietary micro-particle technology to offer degrees of light-control performance from filtering to 100% blackout.

With our simple one-step processing and innovative foam coating, the production of KODALUX Fabric Coating also requires less water, energy and chemicals than traditional products, providing our customers with a more efficient and effective way to manage light.

Process equipment used to produce KODALUX Fabric Coating as well as the facility itself are repurposed assets, highlighting our ambition to help promote a circular economy.

Our light blocking products are made with consideration of the health and safety of both the people who manufacture our products as well as those who use them.

The active component in our formulation is derived from cellulose, a bio-compostable and plant-sourced material. This enables us to produce our products without the use of flock, a material that was historically required to achieve light blocking and which has been the source of factory fires and represents an airborne health hazard for the manufacturing community. All products from our facility are 100% flock-free using the new formulation Kodak has developed.

Additionally, the simplification of the manufacturing process achieved by our light blocking technology will enable localized manufacturing and, therefore, reduce reliance on complex global supply chains.

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