KODAK Functional Printing Solutions

A Revolution in Resolution
With world class expertise in materials science, Kodak can help you create the next generation of flexible, high-resolution electronic products.

  • Pixel density

    KODAK EKTAFLEX Imagers pattern at ultra-high resolution

  • Scale up

    Manufacturing-scale plant capacity

  • Substrate width

    Achievable printed line width

  • 3 ways partner
    ways to partner

    Prepress, contract manufacturing & transparent copper micro-wire

Functional Printing roll to roll 1920

Ready to Roll

We can use our roll-to-roll additive manufacturing process to deliver printed conductive films or multi-layer electronic components. These components will be of the highest quality and ready to be integrated into your products — whether you require rolls of material or die-cut parts.

Functional printing optical transparency 1920

Transparent Advantage

We can deliver products with superior conductivity and optical transparency using our proprietary process for copper micro-wire formation. By using a high-resolution printed catalyst with electroless plated copper, we have independent control of the micro-wire pattern and the copper thickness.

Functional Printing clean room 1920

Clean Room Manufacturing

Our manufacturing operations are 100% cleanroom from prepress through packaging. High-quality patterned flexographic plates and films with fine features require tight control over the manufacturing environment.

Functional Printing close consultancy 1920

Close Consultancy

Our seasoned specialists will remain by your side throughout the process, giving you the confidence to integrate your functional print innovations, seize new opportunities, and make even your most future-facing ideas a reality — fast. From flexo plates to prototypes to production, we can work with you to optimize your manufacturing – in your facility or ours.

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