KODAK Aerial Imaging

Kodak’s legacy lies in providing a wide variety of products for demanding photographic applications, and KODAK Aerial Imaging is no exception. We offer color aerial films in varying lengths and widths to best suit your aerial imaging needs.

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KODAK VERSAMAT 885 Chemicals

KODAK Chemicals are specially formulated for KODAK Aerial Films in roller-transport processors and can be used to process both aerial camera and duplicating films. Normal-contrast negatives and easy, quick mixing make VERSAMAT 885 Fixer clear favorites among aerial customers.

Catalog Number: 1305002 - 38L VERSAMAT 885 FIXER RPLR

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KODAK AEROCOLOR III Negative Film 2460

This medium speed, fine-grain color negative aerial camera film is designed for general use in medium- to high-altitude aerial mapping and aerial reconnaissance photography due to its wide exposure latitude. The film's durability, scratch resistance and static protection properties enable cleaner scans and reproductions.

Key applications:

  • Geological, pollution, archeological, crop and forestry studies
  • Traffic control
  • City planning
  • Railway, highway and hydraulic engineering
  • Oceanography, remote sensing and other areas with photogrammetry use

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