KODAK Power Solutions

KODAK XTRALIFE Alkaline Batteries

KODAK Alkaline Batteries

Excellent Alkaline power compared to leading brands at a lower cost per cell. Stable chemistry with premium components suitable in variable operating environments.

KODAK Button Cell Batteries

KODAK Button Cell Batteries

KODAK button cell batteries offer you great performance and value for money. They are Ideal for Toys, Calculators, Remote controls, Fit bits, Scales, and Flashlights

KODAK Hearing Aid Batteries

KODAK Hearing Aid Batteries

Our mercury-free zinc-air batteries are manufactured using only high-grade and refined raw materials. With premium performance, durability and environmental protection, these batteries provide you the quality and reliability you expect from KODAK.

KODAK Lithium Batteries

KODAK Lithium Batteries

Our new KODAK Ultra Lithium battery range implements our specialized battery technology to deliver heightened performance. These batteries are designed for high drain/ high power electronic devices.

KODAK Flashlights group

KODAK Flashlights

KODAK Flashlights and light bulbs provide a variety of solutions for the home, workplace and your next adventure outdoors.

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KODAK Solar Products

Start generating clean, sustainable energy from the sun today and begin to see enhancements to your home life and business operations. Save with KODAK branded panels, inverters and batteries from Blue Mountain Energy.

All products are developed under license. Products are not available in all countries.