KODAK LIBRA VP2 Digital Plates

Discover the next-generation violet plate that drives profitability while delivering quality. KODAK LIBRA VP2 Digital Plates provide fast imaging and strong durability under demanding press conditions to meet varying needs of newspaper and commercial printers. Compatible with a range of market-leading violet CTPs, they offer the flexibility of processing conventionally or with a simplified, more sustainable easy chem system.

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    For plate processing, either conventionally or with a streamlined easy chem system

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    run lengths

    Top run lengths possible with conventional processing across a range of newspaper and commercial applications

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    150 / 180

    AM and XM (hybrid) resolution at 1200/1270 dpi, optimal for newspaper printing

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    Top AM resolution capability, at 2400/2540 dpi, for higher-quality commercial print applications

Flexibility and Productivity

Widely compatible with market-leading violet CTP systems and plateline equipment, LIBRA VP2 Plates integrate easily into almost any workflow. Stick with conventional plate processing if that's most convenient. Or save time and maximize efficiency with a single-solution, easy chem system that eliminates prewash and post-development rinse. Whichever process you choose, count on LIBRA VP2 Plates for consistent quality over long runs.

Cleaner, Greener Plate Processing

Whether you process conventionally or with the easy chem system, LIBRA VP2 Plates help improve sustainability and reduce waste and costs. Both approaches use KODAK COF-2 Plate Solution, which has a neutral pH for low environmental impact and helps keep the processor cleaner. With easy chem, the plate solution alone does all cleaning, rinsing, and gumming, significantly lowering water and chemical use.

Recommended Processors and Chemistry

Kodak offers everything printers need for fast, productive platemaking, including our specially formulated chemical solutions and efficient processors:

  • KODAK MERURY P-HD Plate processor for conventional processing.
  • Most other conventional processors used with Violet Photopolymer plates can also be used.
  • KODAK LIBRA P-HD 850 Clean-Out Unit for Easy chem processing.
  • Most other clean-out units used with Violet Photopolymer plates can also be used.
  • Chemistry: KODAK COF-2 Plate Solution and KODAK 850S Plate Finisher for conventional processing or KODAK COF-2 Plate Solution for Easy chem processing.
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Want Top Sustainability and Savings?

Interested in going even greener and cutting costs at the same time? Upgrade to KODAK SONORA XTRA Process Free Plates and eliminate all the chemistry, water, and energy of plate processing, not to mention the extra time and labor.

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