KODAK SONORA Ultra Process Free Plates

Kodak has spent 20 years dominating the field in process free plates. Now, with KODAK SONORA Ultra Process Free Plates, we're taking that lead to new heights. Breaking new ground in image contrast, white light exposure tolerance, and plate image stability, SONORA Ultra is the pinnacle of process-free technology.

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    Image contrast combined with more image stability enhances plate readability

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    Greater tolerance for white light allows you to image plates up to six weeks in advance without losing quality

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    Are possible on web-fed presses and sheet-fed presses, plus up to 100k impressions for UV ink applications

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    Kodak has been leading process free plates and we're still relentless in our pursuit of plate innovation

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Join the Process Free Revolution

Today, more than 6,000 customers around the world are using Kodak process free plates. SONORA Ultra is the newest and smartest way to join the revolution. These pioneering plates promise to boost your productivity and flexibility, while opening the door to the rich benefits that come with removing processing chemistry.

Sonora ultra vs xtra process free plates

Enhanced Contrast Boosts Plate Readability

SONORA Ultra is the highest-contrast process free plate you can buy. With image contrast 1.5x stronger than SONORA XTRA, SONORA Ultra is even more readable – both for your people and your automated devices.

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Fade Resistant without Compromising Quality

Pressroom acceptance? Not an issue. With greater tolerance for white light, SONORA Ultra plates can be imaged up to six weeks in advance without a change in quality. Bringing flexibility and productivity to your pressroom.

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Ultra Tough

The extra-tough substrate and coating of all SONORA Plates mean they thrive in almost any print environment, with minimal scratches and scuffs. Durable plates keep your presses running longer.

Sonora process free plate on imaging drum

More Compatible and Faster to Implement

SONORA Ultra Plates ability to work with any Thermal CTP system, and their compatibility with the widest range of inks and founts means fast and easy integration in your pressroom. Pair them with the KODAK MAGNUS Q800 Platesetter, and you'll be producing up to 84 plates an hour1, getting your jobs to press even faster.

1 with T-speed Plus option

Sonora ultra plate printed product

Eliminate the Costs and Hassles of Plate Processing

Going process-free results in a more efficient and profitable operation. SONORA Plates cut costs across the entire print workflow. No more processing equipment and resources to pay for in prepress. And an end to the variability and potential defects of processing, saving time, paper and money in the pressroom too.

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