For top performance and no compromises even with unbaked and UV ink applications, count on KODAK ELECTRA MAX Thermal Plates. They offer our best resolution plus maximum run lengths without post-baking, delivering excellent chemical resistance and on-press durability so you can get all the benefits of UV without sacrificing quality or productivity. Long developer cycles and lower chemistry usage help reduce costs and improve your business's sustainability.

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    run lengths

    Top run lengths for UV ink applications even unbaked, thanks to optimal chemical resistance and on-press durability

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    500k / 350k

    Unbaked impressions possible on web-fed and sheet-fed presses—and even more with optional post-baking

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    AM resolution capability or 10-micron FM stochastic with higher-end platesetters, for top quality and color

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    Potential energy reduction by using the compatible no-preheat KODAK T-HDX Processor

Maximum Productivity and Performance

Specifically designed to stand up to aggressive UV press environments, with run lengths up to 150,000 even without post-baking, KODAK ELECTRA MAX Plates are a top choice for UV, H-UV, and LED-UV print. These positive-working plates also deliver long unbaked runs in traditional applications, and they require no preheat or safelight handling, for ultimate versatility. Their high-resolution capabilities mean you deliver outstanding quality on every job.

Lower Costs and Environmental Impact

Minimize your environmental footprint without compromising plate performance. With no preheat required and long runs even without post-baking, KODAK ELECTRA MAX Plates deliver big savings in energy consumption and costs. Lower chemistry usage and longer developer cycles than many comparable plates bring greater sustainability and efficiency to your prepress operations.

Recommended Processors and Chemistry

Kodak offers everything printers need for fast, productive platemaking, including our specially formulated chemical solutions and efficient processors:

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Want Top Sustainability and Savings?

Interested in going even greener and cutting costs at the same time? Upgrade to KODAK SONORA XTRA Process Free Plates and eliminate all the chemistry, water, and energy of plate processing, not to mention the extra time and labor.

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Kodak Solutions for Complete Plate Processing

Compatible with a range of thermal CTPs, KODAK ELECTRA MAX Plates perform optimally when imaged on KODAK platesetters, especially KODAK MAGNUS and KODAK TRENDSETTER lines that feature KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology for consistent quality and stability. Along with our specially formulated chemical solutions and efficient processors, Kodak offers everything printers need for fast, productive platemaking.

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