Vanessa bendetti profile

Vanessa Bendetti

Vice President and Head of Motion Picture

Vanessa Bendetti joined Kodak in 2016. As Vice President and Head of Motion Picture, Vanessa is responsible for the worldwide operations, sales, and marketing of Kodak’s Motion Picture business. Based in Los Angeles, Vanessa is focused on customer relations and experience, operational efficiencies, and strategic collaboration with industry partners to support the film ecosystem and expand opportunity for Kodak’s film portfolio.

Prior to Kodak, Vanessa contributed to countless feature films, documentaries, and commercial campaigns as an archival producer and business affairs specialist with clients including each of the major film studios, Nike, UCLA, Adobe, X (Twitter), Facebook, and Google. Following undergraduate studies at the University of Colorado, Vanessa began her career at Simpson/Bruckheimer Films and continued working with Jerry Bruckheimer and director Tony Scott for many years in growing capacity on productions including CRIMSON TIDE, ENEMY OF THE STATE and PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN.

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