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When it comes to creating top quality print, inks are only one part of the equation. Designed to work on PROSPER Continuous Inkjet Technology, in harmony with our groundbreaking KODAK EKTACOLOR and KODACHROME Inks, our wide range of KODAK OPTIMAX Primers create the perfect surface for your print, no matter what you print on.

Optimax superior print

Unleash Cost-Efficiency and Versatility

OPTIMAX Primers are the perfect print partner for KODAK EKTACOLOR and KODACHROME Inks. Our water-based primers enable you to take control of your print, from start to finish, while other manufacturers still rely on humectant-heavy chemicals or pricey pre-coated papers.

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Unlock Superior Print

  • Immobilize ink pigment
  • High-speed printing with improved drying times
  • Enhanced color gamut when combined with KODACHROME and EKTACOLOR Inks
  • Increase durability and deinkability
  • Reduce dot gain and mottle
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The Environmental Advantage

Water-based and containing far fewer harmful chemicals, OPTIMAX Primers are less harsh on printers and operators, creating a non-hazardous work environment. Additionally, when using OPTIMAX Primers you can see a vast improvement in de-inkability for recycling.

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