Print your true colors

Kodak has been pioneering inkjet print for more than fifty-five years, but with our incredible KODACHROME Inks, you'll be seeing color like you've never seen it before. Our patented nanoparticle pigment milling creates inks that produce incredible color, image stability and detail that’s comparable to offset, flexo and gravure.

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    Typically half the size of competitors' inks, the proprietary milling process delivers finest pigments on the market.

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    With a color gamut that exceeds Fogra and GRACoL volumes by 40%, KODACHROME Inks deliver superb color accuracy.

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    KODACHROME Inks paired with KODAK ULTRASTREAM Technology deliver up to 200 lpi quality.

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    Water-based inks contain low humectant levels to increase sustainability and improve working environments.

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The Future of Color

KODACHROME Inks have the smallest and finest pigment particles on the market that standard milling methods can't even come close to matching. Finer pigments mean:

  • Thin layers
  • Fast drying times
  • Sharp detail
  • Eliminating printhead clogging

Achieve uniformity in every job. In the world of digital print, consistency is everything.

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Premium Results with Outstanding Efficiency

With their ultra-fine and incredibly consistent particle size, Kodak inks allow more light to reflect off the paper – meaning bolder, richer, longer lasting colors, with less light scatter and a color gamut that is 1.4x larger than Fogra and GRACoL. Since our inks require less laydown to create the same outstanding colors, running costs are some of the lowest on the market.

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Continuous Flow

Kodak's continuous inkjet technology keeps ink flowing continuously through printhead nozzles, which means far lower levels of humectants are needed.

  • Better environmental impact
  • Shortened dry time
  • Increased ROI
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Optimize Your Quality. Maximize Your Profits.

KODAK OPTIMAX Primers enhance image quality and ink durability across a huge variety of substrates. No need for different inks, no more pricey, pre-treated inkjet papers. OPTIMAX Primers enable you to optimize your own print for every job.

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Print More Sustainably

KODACHROME Inks are the most environmentally friendly inks Kodak has ever made. Water-based and recyclable, they contain far fewer of the harmful chemicals used in offset and gravure printing, making them safer to use – for you and for the planet.

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