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Navigating the future of print: An open letter from our CEO

By Jim Continenza

July 01, 2024

grid inkjet offset text

Kodak believes digital print is at the tipping point of broader adoption and that our groundbreaking continuous inkjet technology will lead the way. But that's only half the story.

We also recognize that offset is still the primary print technology for the vast majority of printers. Billions of dollars have been invested in offset printing equipment that will be working for decades to come. Since offset isn't going anywhere and digital has arrived, smart printers must find the most effective ways to employ both in today's "and" era of print.

Kodak is especially qualified to help guide you through the "and" era because we understand the entire print business - both offset and digital. We offer a complete range of solutions, including the fastest CPT technology, the most advanced process-free plates, PROSPER inkjet presses that are built like tanks and break the quality/speed barrier and PRINERGY workflow solutions that can seamlessly consolidate production across analog and digital print.

Kodak can make sure you have the right solution - whether it's offset or digital - at the right time to help you stay productive and profitable during this transitional period. In this "and" era of print, the most powerful partnership is Kodak and you.


Jim Continenza
Executive Chairman and CEO
Eastman Kodak Company

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