Print Perspectives

Kodak Customer Roundtable

June 11, 2024

Watch the insightful Kodak Customer Roundtable from drupa 2024, where industry experts gathered to discuss the future of print and share their perspectives on the evolving market.

The discussion was moderated by Eric Vessels, President of WhatTheyThink and the panel features print leaders and Kodak customers including Pat Murray, Chief Operating Officer of Japs-Olson; Lee Reeves, Operations Director of Pureprint Group; Andy Robbins, Managing Director of Blackmore Press; Mark Buckingham, Integrations Director of Paragon; and Jim Continenza, Kodak’s Chief Executive Officer.

They delve into the 'and' era of print, emphasizing the complementary nature of offset and digital printing technologies. Discover how smart printers are leveraging both to stay competitive, the impact on workforce dynamics, and the future growth trends in the printing industry. This engaging conversation sheds light on the evolving landscape of print and how Kodak’s innovative solutions are driving the industry forward.