Our solutions enable you to combine the best of your analog offset, flexographic, and gravure printing and finishing equipment with high quality, high-speed variable capabilities. The result is an ability to produce a range of new, personalized applications that add value for your clients by enabling a more profitable business.


KODAK PROSPER Plus Imprinting System close up

PROSPER Plus 1/1W/2/2W Imprinting Systems

Available in narrow and wide configurations, versatile PROSPER Plus Systems are ideal for imprinting monochrome or four-color content on a range of substrates.

KODAK PROSPER S Series S10 Imprinting Systems

PROSPER S-Series S5/S10/S20/S30 Imprinting Systems

Offset, flexo and gravure printers can integrate the power of digital print within existing pressroom and finishing operations with KODAK PROSPER Imprinting Systems.

KODAK VERSAMARK DS5220 DS5222 Printing System top

VERSAMARK DS5220 & DS5222 Printing Systems

With excellent registration at speeds of up to 1,000 fpm (305 mpm) and lower acquisition costs, the KODAK VERSAMARK DS5220 and DS5222 Printing Systems allow you to quickly meet demanding customer requirements while increasing your profit per page.

KODAK VERSAMARK DS5640 DS5650 Printing System

VERSAMARK DS5640 & DS5650 Printing Systems

The KODAK VERSAMARK DS5640 and DS5650 Printing Systems combine high-quality printing capabilities with robust duty cycles to meet the exacting needs of discriminating customers quickly and efficiently.

KODAK VERSAMARK DS6240 Printing System

VERSAMARK DS6240 Printing System

The KODAK VERSAMARK DS6240 Printing System, comprised of a reliable printhead and theKODAK CS410 System Controller, gives you a powerful solution that helps your company profit from a competitive edge in the Addressing market.