Our solutions enable you to combine the best of your analog offset, flexographic, and gravure printing and finishing equipment with high quality, high-speed variable capabilities. The result is an ability to produce a range of new, personalized applications that add value for your clients by enabling a more profitable business.

PROSPER Plus quality

PROSPER Plus 1/1W/2/2W Imprinting Systems

The high-quality inkjet printheads integrate directly into analog presses and finishing equipment to deliver a powerful hybrid printing solution

PROSPER S Series S10 Iimprinting systems

PROSPER S-Series S5/S10/S20/S30 Imprinting Systems

Maximize the profit potential of your analog shop by going hybrid: KODAK PROSPER S-Series Imprinting Systems add digitally-powered variable data printing to your existing analog workflow with multiple options for speed, resolution, and mounting. Get the best of both worlds, discover new revenue streams, and offer more value than ever to your customers.

KODAK VERSAMARK DS5220 DS5222 Printing System

KODAK VERSAMARK Printing Systems

Affordable, high-speed, narrow-format inkjet printheads that integrate into existing offset workflows, expanding opportunities for profitable hybrid print jobs