Our solutions enable you to combine the best of your analog offset, flexographic, and gravure printing and finishing equipment with high quality, high-speed variable capabilities. The result is an ability to produce a range of new, personalized applications that add value for your clients by enabling a more profitable business.

PROSPER Plus quality

PROSPER Plus 1/1W/2/2W Imprinting Systems

The high-quality inkjet printheads integrate directly into analog presses and finishing equipment to deliver a powerful hybrid printing solution

PROSPER S Series S10 Iimprinting systems

PROSPER S-Series S5/S10/S20/S30 Imprinting Systems

Add the power of variable-data digital printing inline into analog workflows with high-end inkjet printheads available in a range of speeds and resolutions.

KODAK VERSAMARK DS5220 DS5222 Printing System

KODAK VERSAMARK Printing Systems

Affordable, high-speed, narrow-format inkjet printheads that integrate into existing offset workflows, expanding opportunities for profitable hybrid print jobs

Bretting napkin folder atom front key


Fast, high-quality, digitally powered custom napkin printing from KODAK PROSPER Imprinting Systems integrated seamlessly with Bretting's napkin folders.