Data Backup is not Disaster Recovery

  • Machines & hardware fail
  • Humans make mistakes
  • Nature is unpredictable
  • Customers want access 24/7/365
56 percent unexpected updates
56% Unexpected Updates
60 percent human errors
60% Human Errors
26 percent fire or explosion
26% Fire or Explosion
20 percent power outages
20% Power Outages
High print speed
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Printed paper pallets

Unlock Hidden Savings

To remain competitive, printers today must optimize their print manufacturing processes. Discover the visible and hidden savings provided by SONORA Process Free Plates.

KODAK ULTRA 520 Digital Press printing

Think You Know Inkjet? Think Again.

Powered by KODAK ULTRASTREAM Continuous Inkjet Technology, the PROSPER ULTRA 520 Press completely redefines inkjet production printing, closing the gap with offset.

Lowe Martin NEXFINITY Press

Demand More. Deliver More.

“We’re looking forward to the speed, quality, versatility and cost efficiency offered by NEXFINITY to further cement our position as a key supplier for retail and commercial printing customers.””
- Ward Griffin, CEO of Lowe-Martin

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What customers want for printed packaging

Brand owner survey

Digital print is having a profound impact on the packaging industry—especially in a post-COVID world. But what does that really mean when it comes to how brand owners are making decisions?

Award-Winning Products

Kodak recently won a total of nine awards in four prestigious competitions from leading print organizations.

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Kodak provides a full portfolio of offset, digital and software solutions designed to deliver print that pays. To learn more, download one of our white papers

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