Super 8

KODAK Super 8 Camera

Unleash Your Creativity

The magic of analog filmmaking meets modern convenience.

Super 8 camera case contents

What's Inside the Box

  • Pelican Case
  • KODAK Super 8 Camera
  • Wide Angle 6 mm Lens 1:1.2
  • C-Mount Cap, Lens Cap and Lens Hood
  • Pistol Grip with trigger
  • KODAK Super 8 Camera Battery
  • Micro USB Charging Cable(s)
  • KODAK Super 8 Camera USB Power Adapter
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • KODAK TRI-X Black & White Reversal Film 7266
  • Getting Started Guide
Super 8 detailed render black

4" LCD Viewfinder

Composing shots on Super 8 is easier than ever before. The LCD viewfinder swivels, allowing a wide range of shooting angles.

And thanks to its expanded screen, navigating features like aspect ratio overlays, interactive menu selection and camera settings is intuitive and straightforward.

Super 8 extended gate

Extended Gate

16:9 (widescreen) shooting and increased visual resolution. The Super 8 Camera's extended gate optimizes more capture area of the film strip – allowing for an 11% larger image than traditional S8 cameras.

This 14:9 full frame gives your Super 8 film the flexibility to intercut with other modern media capture formats, seamlessly filling the frame of today's TV and video screens.

Super 8 c mount lens

Interchangeable C-Mount Lens

The new Super 8 Camera comes equipped with a detachable wide-angle 6mm 1:1.2 C-mount lens, offering a range of creative choice for filmmakers of all levels. Use any other C-mount prime lens or adapters to mount the lens of your choice. Experiment with vintage lenses for a retro feel.

Super 8 c mount gate

Image Purity

The camera was designed with image quality in mind, so there are no filters and no glass between the lens and the film plane, just air.

This feature maximizes the light that reaches the Extended Gate for a more effective exposure of the filmstock.

It also empowers the filmmaker to unleash their creativity by making deliberate decisions about color and exposure.

  • No integrated conversion filters for color temperature or exposure control
  • Individual choice for filtering in front of the lens
  • Manual Exposure control

Utilize the camera's integrated exposure meter or an external light meter to set the lens aperture and determine if a neutral density filter on the lens is necessary to achieve the desired exposure.

Super 8 connectivity with on screen information

Connectivity & Crystal Sync

Capture high-quality audio seamlessly with the on-board sound recorder and external microphone connectivity via 3.5mm input directly to the integrated SD card reader. Monitor audio levels with live meters on the built-in LCD.

The first modern Super 8mm camera with crystal sync at 24 and 25 fps, plus over and under crank at 18 and 36 FPS.

Enhance capture with any HDMI enabled monitor via the micro HDMI output.

Super 8 top handle

Versatile Handling

Sleek top handle design with an integrated run button to start and stop shooting.

Comfortable handling. Perfect in any setting, from studio set to hand-held action.

Super 8 pistol grip

Pistol Grip

Switch easily from the top handle navigation to the detachable pistol grip with an additional run button for eye-level shots and a traditional Super 8 camera feel.

Super 8 film cartridge

Today's Latest Film Technology

Each KODAK Super 8 cartridge is loaded with 50 feet of motion picture professional film - choose from 3 different KODAK VISION3 Color Negative Film stocks, or reversal stocks including TRI-X Black & White Reversal Film and EKTACHROME Color Reversal Film.

Super 8 film stocks 500x282

KODAK Super 8 Films

The unmistakable look and feel of analog film.

Browse Super 8 Films

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