Print your true colors.

Kodak has been pioneering inkjet print for more than fifty-six years, but with our incredible new KODACHROME Inks, you'll be seeing color like you’ve never seen it before.

Offset quality print on an inkjet press. Our patented nanoparticle pigment milling creates inks that produce incredible color, image stability and detail that’s comparable to offset, flexo and gravure.

Higher productivity and lower running costs. Lower ink usage reduces running costs, improves print head performance and boosts profits.

Unique range of primers allow printing on a wide variety of substrates.

More sustainable. KODACHROME Inks are water-based, recyclable and contain lower humectant levels for faster drying time and improved safety.

Maximize uptime with Continuous inkjet technology by reducing clogs and prolonging printhead life.

Increased sales and profit margins. Lower ink usage, better color density, faster print speeds, more jobs per print run.