Fifth Imaging Units

KODAK Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions offer a range of exciting capabilities that enable your customers to stand out. So you and your clients can experience eye-catching print – and the impact it has on business – in a whole new way.

Fifth imaging units raised gold 2

Give them more

Bold colors, attention-grabbing images and outstanding gloss help graphic communications jump off the page and leave a lasting impression.

Fifth imaging units paper samples

Color Gamut

NEXFINITY and NEXPRESS Presses already offer a color gamut 20% greater than offset. But by adding our Color Gamut Fifth Unit, which introduces a red, green or blue dry ink, you increase this expanded range an additional 16% to 22%.

Fifth imaging units clear dry ink

Kodak Metallic Clear Dry Ink

This versatile, transparent ink can be used to simulate pearlized stock and to enhance raster and vector art, text and images. When overprinted on another color, it simulates a wide range of metallic effects – silver, bronze, copper and more.

Fifth imaging units dimensional and gold

Kodak Dimensional Clear Dry Ink

Dimensional Coating gives text and images a raised 3D effect that makes your communications come to life in your hand.

Fifth imaging units opaque white

Kodak Opaque White Dry Ink

Delivers excellent opacity in a single pass through the press, enabling increased productivity and higher quality short run production for packaging, signage, labels and invitations.

The Auto White Blend option gives the color-matched perception of white ink being applied under the CMYK inks on colored papers, even though the white dry ink is applied in the fifth station.

Fifth imaging units raised gold 1

Kodak Gold Dry Ink

Heightens impact and creativity, with a luxurious metallic gold finish that will drive new business and keep customers coming back.

Fifth imaging units red fluorescing

Kodak Red Fluorescing Dry Ink

Clear when printed on top of images and graphics, and virtually invisible – ideal for security, workflow automation and 2D barcode applications.

Fifth imaging units dry ink

Kodak Clear Dry Ink

Opens the door for inline watermarking, spot or flood coating — techniques similar to a spot or tinted matte varnish in offset. Coating doesn't just add protection: it enhances graphics and imagery — even in variable data print runs.

Fifth imaging units light black

Kodak Light Black HD Dry Ink

Produces ultra-high-quality print, particularly in areas of neutral tones or many layers of gray, and in large, flat fields.

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