Dry Inks

Developed exclusively for KODAK NEXFINITY Presses, our dry inks are optimized for high image quality, and superior adhesion to standard and specialty substrates, with excellent recycling attributes.

Fifth imaging units dry ink v2

Industry-leading inks for KODAK Digital Presses

Our dry inks are engineered to run cleanly on the press and allow for simple, quick changes of ink type, as needed. Used in concert with the purpose-built digital front ends for the presses, you can adjust the gloss and matte levels of the image laydown to match or contrast with the substrate surfaces, delivering a wide range of finishes.

KODAK Fifth Imaging Units opaque white dry ink

Environmentally friendly

The materials used in the manufacture and use of the inks on the press meet the stringent guidelines for deinkability for recycling by INGEDE. Our dry inks also meet the requirements for California Prop. 65, Article 3 of EU Framework Regulation No. 1935/2004 for various indirect food contact applications, and EC Toy Safety Directive No 2009/48.

Dry inks catalogue open biking cover

Rub resistant and long lasting

Dry inks provide strong substrate adhesion, with superior rub resistance and low-energy consumption when printing. Stored properly, they have no finite shelf life.

Fifth imaging units clear dry ink

Award-winning Fifth Imaging Units

The Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions are designed to be easy to swap in and out. You'll be done in less than 8 minutes. No mask, no learning and no contamination risk.

Learn more about the Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions.

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