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CTP Devices

Modular and upgradeable computer-to-plate solutions

What's New with CTP?

Latest features and enhancements:

  • Automated
  • Greener
  • Sharper
  • Faster
  • Connected
KODAK Mobile CTP Control App shown on mobile device screen

KODAK Mobile CTP Control App

Attend to your CTP devices from wherever you are, using only a mobile phone, with KODAK’s Mobile CTP Control App.

  • Device monitoring
  • Queue management
  • Multiple CTPs
  • Push notifications
  • Alerts
  • Customizable Reporting

Available now for all CTP Devices, including KODAK MAGNUS, ACHIEVE, GENERATIONS NEWS, and TRENDSETTER Platesetters.

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Accurate and stable imaging

KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology, standard on KODAK Platesetters, enables accurate and consistent imaging from plate to plate and machine to machine, resulting in fewer remakes and less time adjusting for variables.

Stability leads to consistency in prepress, which in turn leads to efficiency and cost savings. SQUARESPOT Technology adds stability by producing precise and robust halftone dots that are less susceptible to variations in plate, processor, and environmental conditions than other thermal or violet imaging technologies.

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