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Ready for Process Free: CTP Technology Trend #5

KODAK Platesetters work seamlessly with process free plates, and Kodak has invested in SQUARESPOT Imaging Heads making them more “negative-plate friendly.”

June 17, 2019

Sonora X 1836

One of the 5 CTP technology trends transforming prepress is moving to process free plate making technology, eliminating plate processing in prepress.

Here’s what’s happening and how Kodak can help you keep up and get ahead:

TREND #5: Ready for Process Free

Process free plates are quickly becoming the plate of choice for printers that want to be competitive, so CTP devices that are “process free ready,” are a good investment, even for printers that don’t think process free plates are a good fit for their business at this time.

KODAK Platesetters are designed to work seamlessly with process free plates, such as the new SONORA X Plate. Kodak has invested in development of the SQUARESPOT Imaging Heads to make them more “negative-plate friendly,” unlike other manufacturers. SQUARESPOT Technology enables superior tonal stability so printers can achieve the highest screening qualification with process free plates.

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