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It's Not Goodbye, Only Au Revoir!

Kodak helps customers maximize their Computer to Plate (CTP) investment through generous trade-in or buy-back terms for upgrading or selling CTP equipment.

November 19, 2019

Cleaning a drum

Sometimes even the most profitable relationships come to an end. We design our Kodak manufactured Computer to Plate (CTP) equipment to perform for the long run – often longer than the business need of its original owner. Perhaps the Kodak CTP device you bought accelerated your business and can no longer provide the capacity you now need. Perhaps you gained or lost a substantial account that drastically changed your capacity needs. The printing industry is highly dynamic and sometimes the needs of a business evolve enough that capital equipment needs to be divested – whether to be replaced with an upgrade or as part of overall capacity reduction.

There are many reasons why you might judge the time is right to replace or sell your current Kodak CTP device. We're here to help you continue to maximise the value of the investment you've already made, no matter where your business is headed. Kodak demonstrates the confidence it has in its equipment and offers generous trade-in or buy-back terms to owners looking to upgrade their Kodak CTP devices or with a need to sell their Kodak CTP platform.

Often, Kodak pre-owned CTP equipment has simply outgrown its need at a customer, but still has the capability of providing many more years of effective service at another business. In these cases, Kodak has the skills, equipment and genuine replacement parts to extend the useful lifetime of the device for the pre-owned market.

We're confident that our CTPs provide great reliability, quality and business advantage to our customers. However, needs change and there may come a time when the right thing for a business to do is to sell or update their Kodak CTP equipment. If that time has arrived for you, get in touch. We're always interested in potentially buying back Kodak CTP equipment.

No matter the vintage or condition, we will consider its residual value and offer reasonable terms – whether you're looking to update to newer, faster Kodak CTP equipment to meet your changing needs or simply selling it for other reasons.

Obviously, if you've maintained your device well, had it regularly serviced and kept it in good working order, that value is likely to be higher.

Other purchasers may only offer scrap value or "as is" evaluation for onward selling. Kodak can assess the true latent value in a customer's pre-owned equipment and can demonstrate that in the price it will offer as part of an equipment trade-in or outright purchase. We know the machine's service and usage history and can assess its value far more accurately than merely by how many laser hours it has operated for.

As a global manufacturer, Kodak takes responsibility for its environmental impact seriously. When assessing used Kodak CTP equipment, it is sometimes not possible to recertify it for on-going use. If it must be decommissioned, this is always done in an environmentally responsible way, reclaiming parts where possible in preference to scrapping and so ensuring the impact on the world we all share is as low as possible.

It all adds up to a low-risk, high-value option when considering how to obtain the most value from your used Kodak CTP equipment.

Contact your sales or service representative for information about how much your used Kodak CTP equipment might be worth.