Filmmaker Resources

The Essential Reference Guide for Filmmakers

This is intended as an on-line resource for up-and-coming filmmakers who would like to learn more about the theory and practice of shooting film. You can select topics from the index for viewing or download.

Exploring the Color Image

This publication is intended more as a connected discourse than as a reference work containing practical "how-to-do-it" information. It is a brief discussion of the tremendously complex subject of color from a single point of view, that of the photographer or cinematographer.

Basic Photographic Sensitometric Workbook

Sensitometry is the science of measuring the sensitivity of photographic materials. As a photographer, graphic arts cameraman, cinematographer, or other user of photographic materials, you will use sensitometry in the control of operations involving exposing and processing photographic materials. This workbook was prepared by Kodak for individual use on a self-study basis.

Motion Picture Color Theory Workbook

Photographic techniques for both picture-taking and photofinishing center around light and its controlled use. The basis of all color theory is light. This self-study workbook was prepared by Kodak and includes general information about color.

Capturing Information of Film

How much information can be captured on one frame of 35mm color negative film? How does that compare with the best digital image capture systems? We put those and other related questions to Nestor Rodriguez, senior principal scientist for the Kodak Entertainment Imaging division.

Format Choices

Whether it's setting the benchmark for image quality or ensuring that image lives on far into the future, film delivers. The best part? You've got choices to best fit your project!

How to Read a Kodak Film Can Label

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