The Essential Reference Guide for Filmmakers

Ideas and Technology

Good films-those that effectively communicate the desired message-are the result of an almost magical blend of ideas and technological ingredients. And with an understanding of the tools and techniques available to the filmmaker, you can truly realize your vision.

The "idea" ingredient is well documented, for beginner and professional alike. Books covering virtually all aspects of the aesthetics and mechanics of filmmaking abound-how to choose an appropriate film style, the importance of sound, how to write an effective film script, the basic elements of visual continuity, etc.

Although equally important, becoming fluent with the technological aspects of filmmaking can be intimidating.With that in mind, we have produced this book, The Essential Reference Guide for Filmmakers. In it you will find technical information-about light meters, cameras, light, film selection, postproduction, and workflows-in an read and apply format.

Ours is a business that's more than 100 years old, and from the beginning, Kodak has recognized that cinema is a form of artistic expression. Today's cinematographers have at their disposal a variety of tools to assist them in manipulating and fine-tuning their images. And with all the changes taking place in film, digital, and hybrid technologies, you are involved with the entertainment industry at one of its most dynamic times.

Kodak essential reference guide for filmmakers

As you enter the exciting world of cinematography, remember that Kodak is an absolute treasure trove of information, and we are here to assist you in your journey. Hopefully you will find this book useful-and we invite you to call upon us now and in the future for the technology, products and support you need to succeed.

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