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Graphic Packaging International

With Kodak imprinting technology, Graphic Packaging evolves to offer high-demand customization


Leading provider of paper-based packaging solutions, with global operations and 24,000 employees worldwide


Adapt existing high-volume, analog packaging production lines to meet increasing demand for customized shorter runs

Kodak Solution

PROSPER S-Series Imprinting Systems

"Kodak's unique inkjet imprinting technology won us over. Not only is the quality great, the KODAK PROSPER S20 adapts to our existing production lines."
Juan Resines, Operations Manager, Graphic Packaging International - Europe


With 130+ facilities around the world, Graphic Packaging International provides innovative packaging print to a variety of demanding customers. At two sites in northern Spain, they integrated Kodak inkjet technology directly into existing production lines for a fast, flexible, cost-effective way to expand their offering into high-value variable data printing.

The Business Need

Graphic Packaging International is a global operation that has grown through many acquisitions over the years. Their two facilities in the Cantabria region of northern Spain were once the independent manufacturer Norgraft Packaging, and after a 2017 acquisition by Graphic Packaging, the sites have continued serving Europe and beyond with compact carton pack products across a variety of industries. Some years ago, customers began increasingly asking for shorter runs with variable customized elements—something the existing, high-volume production setup could not easily or cost-effectively deliver. To stay competitive, the team in Spain recognized they needed to evolve their offering to meet this demand—without raising costs for customers or compromising their high-speed production of 50-120,000 boxes per hour. Recognizing that only digital printing could deliver this kind of variable-data solution, they turned to Kodak for the technology to make it possible.

The Kodak Solution

Kodak proposed that Graphic Packaging use the KODAK PROSPER S-Series Imprinting Systems to add variable data content to their traditionally printed products. Powered by KODAK Stream Inkjet Technology, these high-end inkjet printheads could deliver quality and speed specs to match the company’s existing standards, could be mounted inline with existing equipment, and use Kodak’s food-safe inkjet inks—ideal for their many food-industry customers. After a comprehensive site analysis, the team chose the high-speed S20 model and decided to install the PROSPER S-Series printhead on the folding machine, since it was the one point in the production line where cartons pass one at a time. Kodak’s full-service solution included a camera to monitor the inkjet output, with an alarm triggered and the product rejected if quality issues are detected. The flexible configuration can be easily removed for cleaning—important in a high-dust environment like carton production—or modified if requirements change. Kodak supported the on-site team throughout the entire installation and continues providing troubleshooting and consultation as needed.

The Outcome

Investing in their PROSPER S-Series Imprinting System quickly paid off for the Graphic Packaging Spain facilities: they were soon seeing around 20% of their production volume using the new inkjet printing option, with additional customer requests coming in steadily. The company was now able to offer customers a range of value-added customization options to their cartons, such as Christmas cards, gift promotions, prize draws, and more—all without having to change their primary manufacturing process. The PROSPER system reliably printed on all the substrate types the facilities already used and easily matched existing production speeds ranging from 1,000-2,000 feet per minute (300-600 mpm), with no significant cost impact. Kodak inkjet imprinting has become an important tool to help Graphic Packaging in Spain stand out among competitors and maintain its 10% annual growth even in the challenging business environment of packaging print.

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