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KODALUX Fabric Coating

A smarter way to control light

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Light blocking. Customized.

KODALUX Fabric Coating provides a more efficient and effective way to manage light in applications ranging from roller shades to decorative drapery to awnings.

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Light blocking. Simplified.

The result of decades of research, our unique, liner-less solution uses proprietary micro-particle technology to offer degrees of light-control performance from filtering to 100% blackout.

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KODALUX Fabric Coating can be applied directly to an unprecedented range of fabrics, including all kinds of weaves, fibers, finishes and colors. When applied to Prepared-For-Print (PFP) fabrics, KODALUX Fabric Coating offers superior image fidelity with no bleed through.

Kodalux lightblocking light control technology

Light under control

KODALUX Fabric Coating contains micro-particles specifically engineered to efficiently scatter, absorb and reflect light. Our unique KODALUX Light Control Technology eliminates the need for a bulky multi-layer coating, using only a single, flexible layer to create light-control fabrics that are less bulky, more attractive and easier to work with.

Kodalux lightblocking micro particles

Our bright idea for controlling light

Engineered micro-particles

See how our proprietary KODALUX Particles scatter, absorb and reflect light.

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Performance Plus

Great performance with less bulk and more options. KODALUX Fabric Coating is truly a smarter way to control light.

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Sophisticated technology for superior coated fabrics

Whether you’re a converter or a designer, there’s a lot to love about KODALUX Fabric Coating.

Savings from simplicity

Save time, money and effort. Our all-in-one fabric coating solution eliminates the need for cutting, sewing and hanging a separate liner. No more ordering and tracking of two parts—fabric and lining—to perform the single function of controlling light.

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No limitations

KODALUX Fabric Coating provides light-filtering or 100% blackout performance while maintaining the look, touch and feel of decorative fabrics. You can even tint our Fabric Coating to create custom colors to complement the fabric you choose.

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Easy handling

Drapery produced with KODALUX Fabric Coating is thinner and lighter than existing light-control solutions. Which makes for easier handling and faster installation.

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World-class performance, made in the USA

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