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Yes, You Can Print UV with Plates that are Process Free

SONORA X Process Free Plates can achieve run lengths of up to 75,000 impressions with UV print applications and reduce costs, save time, and eliminate waste.

February 05, 2019

Sonora Can Print That wide

Here at Kodak we’re asked all the time by printers if SONORA Process Free Plates will be able to withstand the challenges of UV printing. The answer is YES! SONORA can print that!

Unlike many other process-free or chemistry-free plates, SONORA Plates are being used successfully for UV applications by commercial and packaging printers throughout the world—printers that are using a variety of UV technologies, including conventional UV and low-energy UV. Our newest plate, the SONORA X Process Free Plate, can achieve run lengths of up to 75,000 impressions with UV print applications (in addition to 400,000 impressions for non-UV web applications and 200,000 impressions for non-UV sheetfed applications). Many printers are finding that they can finally replace their traditional processed plates and go process free.

Why is this such great news? Process free plates reduce costs, save time, eliminate waste, and increase the stability and quality of plates sent to the pressroom. Switching from processed plates to process free plates lets printers completely eliminate the plate processing step, along with all the associated chemicals, water, and energy. Processing equipment is no longer needed, so there are no more parts and maintenance costs, and no downtime is needed to clean or service the equipment. Many of our customers are using the extra floorspace to add automation or other capabilities that will help them expand and get more business.

Even more importantly, SONORA Plates remove the variability that can come with processing, so plates sent to the pressroom are consistent and predictable. This stability reduces plate remakes and costly press downtime, and it helps printers deliver impressive print quality.

The new SONORA X Plate is the result of a recent technology breakthrough that finally makes process free possible for about 80% of printers, including those using UV or printing other challenging applications. Kodak scientists were able to design a unique substrate that produces a very durable, robust printing surface for excellent on-press properties, combining it with a new coating system that provides long run length capabilities.

SONORA X Plates deliver all the benefits of process free plates, along with the features of unbaked processed plates. You can learn more at KODAK SONORA Process Free Plates.