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Twenty years later: Kodak process free innovation going strong

April 25, 2024

20 years sonora

We launched our first process-free plate twenty years ago.

Process free technology is a no-brainer today for a variety of offset print applications—particularly considering necessarily high expectations for sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

So, why do 6,000+ customers worldwide trust KODAK SONORA Process Free plates?

  • Highest quality. A three-hour drive from Drupa, our Osterode-based plant manufactures plates according to rigorous engineering standards known for high-quality products.
  • Reliable supply. We manufacture in the U.S., Germany, and Japan to avoid challenges of long-distance shipping and ensure a reliable supply to keep our customers productive.
  • Ongoing innovation. We're committed to investing in continuously improving our plates so they meet the needs of our customers for high performance and consistent quality.

What does the next twenty years of process free look like? Contact our sales team for more info.