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In-Plant Digital Trend 2: More Enhancements

Less than 8 minutes is all it takes to start producing premium print enhancements with specialty inks from Kodak including dimensional, white and metallic.

June 17, 2019

In Plant enhancements 1

Cost-effective short run printing and the ability to handle variable data are two of the most commonly understood benefits of digital printing. But in a world where people are bombarded with information from many different channels – both digital and analog – print service providers are looking for an additional edge to differentiate and elevate print media. The ability to employ premium enhancements is a compelling advantage of digital sheetfed presses from Kodak.

Here’s a list of some of the expanded capabilities available with KODAK NEXFINITY and NEXPRESS Digital Presses that can help you drive page volume:

  • Dimensional ink, for a 3D tactile effect
  • Gamut expanding inks, to accurately match special colors
  • Opaque white ink, for printing on transparent or dark-colored media
  • Gold and metallic clear ink, for simulation of a wide variety of metallic colors
  • Light Black ink, for ultra high-quality print
  • Clear dry ink, for watermarks
  • Virtually invisible red fluorescing ink, for security applications
  • MICR ink, for financial or transactional printing
  • Matte finish, for a rich, aesthetic effect that rivals offset
  • Spot or flood gloss finish, for added durability and visual appeal
  • UV coating, for added protection
  • Long sheets up to 48 inches
  • Thick media up to 24 pt (paper) or 14 mil (synthetic)

Less than 8 minutes is all it takes to set up and start producing print with a specialty ink from Kodak. All inks are VOC-free, producing fully deinkable and recyclable print.

Let’s talk. To learn more about how KODAK NEXFINITY and NEXPRESS Presses can help you drive higher volumes with premium enhancements, contact your Kodak representative.