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COVID-19 Service & Support Update

Kodak is committed to continuing to provide support for our customers who are deemed as essential.

April 03, 2020

Kodak service support

Kodak recognizes the difficult situation for our customers in the current environment around the world. States and local government rules are driving how businesses are operating and are designating certain businesses as “essential” in some countries, states and geographies. Kodak is committed to continuing to provide support for our customers who are deemed as essential.

Remote Support: Kodak’s call centers remain open and will provide remote support to our customers globally. The locations in all regions are fully operational. We will leverage phone, computer and video conference resources as appropriate to help diagnose and resolve issues. Remote diagnosis is always our first option; our service experts can help to diagnose issues over the phone or respond to data you share with them.

Service calls: Our technical applications specialists and service engineers are standing by to support your business needs. If we cannot resolve the support issues remotely, we are prepared to dispatch service resources as appropriate. Before Kodak’s service engineer enters a customer site, Kodak needs assurance of the following conditions of work:

  • Confirmation that your company is operating legally within the latest requirements of local, state and governmental laws and regulations, including being designated as an “Essential” business if appropriate
  • There are readily available handwashing stations in the vicinity of the job
  • You and your employees will practice recommended Social Distancing
  • You verify that you are unaware of any COVID-19 infected people that are or have been on site
  • You commit to communicate to us promptly of any future COVID-19 virus incidents at your site

Preventative maintenance – For some Kodak solutions and businesses, preventive maintenance is required for critical operations and should be scheduled as appropriate. If the PM can be postponed without impacting the operational performance in the near term, we would prefer to do that and will provide the service at a later convenient date.

Disinfecting equipment – General advice for disinfecting equipment is difficult. Depending on the equipment that your business utilizes may require different approaches. Wiping down cabinet surfaces may be fine using approved cleaning wipes, but we discourage the use of some cleaning supplies being in contact with electronics etc. If you have specific questions about your equipment, please send your inquiry to and we will provide you appropriate guidance.