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KODAK Gray Card / R-27

KODAK and the MunSell™ Color Services Lab of X-Rite®, Incorporated, have partnered to create an improved calibration target for your photographic requirements. The KODAK Gray Card / R-27 incorporates the world renowned MunSell 18% Reflectance (Gray) Neutral Patch. The KODAK Gray Card / R-27 incorporates One 4 x 5 in. (10 x 13 cm) Gray Card, One 8 x 10 in. (20 x 25 cm) Gray Card, as well as Instructions for Use.

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User's Guide

In addition to the specific instructions for your application, reading the entire guide will give you a better understanding of exposure evaluation and transfer control using the KODAK Gray Card / R27.

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KODAK Gray Card / R-27 1903061 1