What to Do Before You Shoot

Like most things, filmmaking has a distinct process already in place. Following this order of operations will help your production. (Download the complete brochure 617KB )

Before you shoot slate empty

Identify the Roll

The first image of a new roll of film should be the slate. Identify the camera roll #, production title, date, director and cinematographer.

Before you shoot aspect166

Shoot the Aspect Ratio Target

For the first roll of a new project, follow the slate with an aspect ratio target. This target communicates to everyone working in postproduction the exact framing of the image. Be sure to include camera information.

Before you shoot Grey Card Plus

Shoot the Gray Card

Follow the aspect ratio target with the gray card. Make certain it is filmed in the primary light source for the scene. It also helps to include skin tones whenever possible.

Before you shoot scene

Slate Your Scene

After the gray card, shoot your slate for the first scene. Include all relevant information. All takes of the same scene must be slated, as well as any new scenes.

Complete the Camera Report

Keep all camera activity recorded on your camera report. Be sure the information on your exposed film label matches the information on the camera report.

Film Shipping Labels

When you ship your film be sure to include the camera report. Your lab can advise on preferred carriers.

As with any valuable shipment, be sure to insure it. Remember to package everything carefully so it doesn't get damaged, torn, or lost. An additional concern when shipping film-especially with air shipments-is avoiding damage from X-ray scanning.Do Not X-Ray stickers are available for download.

But these stickers alone are no guarantee. We recommend you contact your carrier directly so they can provide you with their requirements and processes.