120 Perforation Repeat Edgeprint Format

For EASTMAN 65mm Camera and Intermediate Film

Interval Between Main KEYKODE Numbers Increased From 80- to 120-Perforations. Facilitates the development of software programs for accurate electronic editing in all 65mm formats.

Two Intermediate KEYKODE Numbers Offset 40- and 80- Perforations From The Main Keykode Number. An aid in matching short scenes which may not include the main key number.

Larger (Full-Size) Human-Readable Intermediate Key Numbers. Easier to read on original and intermediate films. More legible on 35mm printdown workprint. Along with +40 and +80 perf designators, the two alpha-characters preceding the key number are half size to further indicate these are intermediate key numbers.

Frame-Reference Marker (Key) Added For 8-Perf Format. A new reference symbol for quickly locating the frame lines of dark scenes shot in the 8-perf format. (An addition to the dash and plus symbols currently used to reference frame lines on 5-, 10-, and 15-perf formats.

New Manufacturer Identification Code -22. Allows readers and software to automatically recognize the new edgeprint format and accurately record KODAK KEYKODE Numbers from the new and the current film, even when intercut.

New Printer Number Sequence -91 And -92. Printer numbers (first two digits of the key number) for the new edgeprint will be 91 or 92. Printer numbers for current EASTMAN 65mm film are 01 or 02. On a negative cut list, the different numbers will quickly identify the edgeprint format of the film.