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Episode 30: Taking monumental photos with the RIT Big Shot

September 13, 2016

This week we met with Michael Peres and Christye Sisson, photography professors at the Rochester Institute of Technology, to talk about their project, RIT Big Shot. Students are joined by the community to take a grand scale picture at night lit by hand held lights- an exercise in lighting a subject. This year for their 32nd Big Shot, the picture will be of the Kodak Tower, an iconic building in Rochester, NY that is still Kodak's headquarters today. Listen in to hear how it's done and what's special about this years Big Shot. Want to attend? September 18th, 2016- 7:30 PM @ the Kodak Tower - Bring a flashlight and a friend! Check out the Kodak Tower:

The Kodakery
Taking monumental photos with the RIT Big Shot
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