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A robust, process-free Kodak platemaking solution boosts ZipPrint's offset speed and sustainability


Commercial print and design provider with a staff of 12 and a sister company, serving Australia's Northern Territory


Modernize offset operations to improve platemaking speed and reliability and reduce environmental impact

Kodak Solution

ACHIEVE T400 Platesetter

SONORA Process Free Plates


"Kodak has provided us with a truly smooth-running, state-of-the-art plate making solution that meets all our needs and is characterized by low cost of ownership."
Mark Teakle, Owner and Managing Director, ZipPrint
ZipPrint CEO Mark Teakle
Mark Teakle, CEO of ZipPrint
ZipPrint CEO Mark Teakle and Production Manager Glenn Bull
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Based in Darwin, Australia, ZipPrint is a forward-thinking commercial printer offering a range of print products and design services across Australia's remote Northern Territory. A robust, reliable, low-maintenance platemaking solution from Kodak has helped their business thrive and achieve the sustainability they value.

The Business Need

For several decades, ZipPrint and its sister company Asprint, located at opposite ends of Australia's vast Northern Territory, have served clients across the region with high-quality digital, wide-format, and offset printing plus finishing and binding services. In recent years, ZipPrint's offset platemaking setup began showing its age: the CTP device had become unreliable and the polyester-based silver halide plates they used were outdated and couldn't meet their current quality and run-length requirements—the company was ready to modernize. Moreover, their relatively remote location in the country's far north made ZipPrint acutely aware that access to parts, plates, and service could be slow and challenging; they needed a new system that would be reliable and low-maintenance. And situated in a region renowned for its natural beauty and outdoor activity, they were equally conscious of their environmental impact. With these criteria, ZipPrint turned to Kodak for a fast, efficient, economical new CTP solution.

The Kodak Solution

Kodak worked with ZipPrint to define an integrated solution that included updated platemaking technologies plus software to streamline their workflow. After careful consideration, they settled on the affordable, semi-automatic KODAK ACHIEVE T400 Platesetter, which uses light-valve technology to produce higher-quality, more reliable imaging than other brand CTPs they assessed. They also appreciated the ACHIEVE Platesetter's small footprint and easy operation, plus Kodak's ability to provide remote service if needed. A big operational change came with ZipPrint's decision to eliminate plate processing: they retired their old polyester-based plates in favor of KODAK SONORA Process Free Plates, which go directly from the platesetter to the press, saving time, labor and resources. The robust SONORA Plates also deliver far greater run lengths than they'd ever previously achieved. The final investment: KODAK PRINERGY Evo Workflow Software and KODAK PREPS Imposition Software to automate and simplify key prepress tasks.

The Outcome

ZipPrint's upgrades have simplified and speeded up platemaking while taking the company's eco-friendliness to a new level. By switching to SONORA Process Free Plates, they've eliminated not only all processing chemicals but also the electricity usage of the no-longer-needed plate processor. And the aluminum plates themselves are entirely recyclable, for which the company gets cash back. The ACHIEVE Platesetter quickly proved its value, with its energy-efficient operation—using only 400 watts while imaging—and its low-maintenance reliability. Today, jobs at ZipPrint move faster than ever, with better on-press consistency and quality, thanks to their integrated Kodak solution of equipment, processes, and software—an investment that will pay them back in spades.

"With our new CTP solution and process free plates from Kodak we have significantly improved the sustainability of our prepress department and our operation as a whole."
Mark Teakle, Owner and Managing Director, ZipPrint

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