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Kodak's groundbreaking process free plates open up new print possibilities


A family-run print and digital services company, established in 1799 and now employing 300 people over two sites in Switzerland


Address sustainability concerns while ensuring cost-effectiveness for long-term business security

Kodak Solution

SONORA Process Free Plates

"The SONORA XTRA Plate meets our performance requirements in every respect – in both sheet-fed and web offset printing. We're glad we took this step."
Michael Kojan, Manager Purchasing and Printing, Stämpfli Kommunikation
Stampfli plate handling on press
Plate handling on press at Stämpfli Kommunikation
Stampfli michael kojan
Michael Kojan, Manager Purchasing and Printing at Stämpfli Kommunikation
Stampfli company building
Stämpfli company building
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When its existing manufacturer discontinued their existing chemical-based plates, Stämpfli Kommunikation took the leap to process free platemaking with KODAK SONORA XTRA – a cleaner, greener, more sustainable technology that has set its business up for the future.

The Business Need

Environmental concerns are an increasingly important factor for the print industry, and like many businesses, Swiss-based Stämpfli Kommunikation was looking for ways to reduce waste, lower energy use and remove harmful chemicals from its supply chain. But with a 16-page web offset press with four double printing units and a ten-color sheetfed offset press running around the clock, (meaning an output of more than 4,500 web offset and 6,500 sheet-fed offset plates every month), the firm also needed a robust and reliable platemaking solution that could live up to their demanding workload.

In 2022, its existing plate supplier ceased manufacturing the chem-based plates Stämpfli had been using to date. The company saw it as an opportunity to transition over to process free platemaking – a much more environmentally-conscious solution which, with the right supplier, they hoped would also deliver stable, sustainable, long-term growth.

The Kodak Solution

Working with experts from Kodak and specialists from Kodak Channel Partner Fischer Papier AG, Stämpfli implemented an initial trial phase using 1,500 KODAK SONORA XTRA Plates in both its web offset and sheet-fed operations. The plates slotted seamlessly into its existing workflow on both thermal presses, with only a few minor adjustments required to user processes and print parameters.

The results spoke for themselves. The SONORA XTRA Plates delivered all the quality, on-press stability and reliability Stämpfli needed, while also offering compelling savings in terms of electricity, water use, maintenance and labor costs. Even better, SONORA XTRA Plates require none of the harmful chemicals or clean-out materials involved in traditional plates, making them a far more eco-friendly approach to platemaking.

The Outcome

After a successful trial, Stämpfli switched all its platemaking over to SONORA XTRA plates in February 2022. Print operations have since improved. Process free plates have helped Stämpfli simplify print workflow, cut energy bills and free up much-needed space thanks to the removal of two clean-out units from the CTP room.

The company has also enjoyed much lower maintenance and downtime compared to its previous chem-based plates, with fewer problems in the CTP area, and prolonged lifespan thanks to the advanced CTP laser.

"The SONORA XTRA Process Free Plate is an ideal solution that can be used both for sheetfed offset and for long-run web offset applications, and it does away with plate processing."
Philipp Graf, Manager Print Supplies, Fischer Papier AG
"Kodak's process free plate saves a lot of money that previously had to be spent on electricity, water and chemicals, as well as on maintaining clean-out equipment."
Michael Kojan, Manager Purchasing and Printing, Stämpfli Kommunikation
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