Ektar h35n half frame camera group lifestyle

A camera of limitless creativity

New Version with New Features

Ideal for a film beginner or anyone looking to reduce film costs, the KODAK EKTAR H35 Half Frame Camera will allow you to double up on your 35 mm film and yield double the photos. This camera features a built-in flash, a lightweight body, and comes in four nature-inspired colors, making it the perfect camera for travel or any social occasion.

KODAK Carrier Luggage

Share Moments, Share Life.™

Pursue a life in which every moment can be remembered and shared. With luggage and accessories in iconic colors and designs, KODAK Carrier aims to be your travel companion on every journey.

KODAK Film Camera ULTRA F9 Yellow on camera case among film packages

Lightweight and compact

Perfect for travel, the KODAK Film Camera Ultra F9 has a fixed focus lens, manual film winding and rewinding and switch to turn flash On/Off.

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