California Consumer Privacy Act

Individual Request Form Data Access Request

The information collected below will be used to process your CCPA request, including to verify your identity and eligibility, and for other business purposes described in the privacy notice.

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Please read the Kodak Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

To prevent unauthorized disclosures of information, Kodak cannot provide specific data elements to you unless we can verify your identity. If you have provided an email address to us, we can provide information associated with that email address back to you via email to the address on file. If you would like to access any other information, please contact our CCPA Compliance Team at 1-800-698-3324.

We use email addresses as the key identifier for individuals in our systems. We will search our systems using the email address provided above, and we will send your CCPA disclosure report to that email. Due to the volume of requests, please allow 90 days for our team to respond.

Please note that many companies operate websites and sell products or services using licensed Kodak trademarks. Eastman Kodak Company does not own or operate these companies, and we do not have any access to their databases. If you have registered with or purchased products or services from a Kodak brand licensee, please contact that company directly to exercise your CCPA rights.

You can always contact us via email at if you any have additional questions.