Product End-of-Life Management

Kodak seeks to minimize the environmental impacts of our products throughout their entire life cycle. We understand that being a steward of the environment means facilitating the safe reuse, recycling, and disposal of our products. The resources below provide important information on how to manage the products in Kodak's broad portfolio.

For consumer products

Electronic equipment disposal at the end of its useful life can have long-term environmental and health consequences when not handled properly. Kodak encourages and financially supports the recycling of consumer electronic equipment, including Kodak-branded legacy and licensed products.

Consumer electronic products at the end of their useful life can be returned for recycling at: electronic retailers, office supply stores, and local municipalities. An internet search will provide a list of local recycling opportunities.

For professional products

Kodak supports the return, recycling and responsible management of end-of-life components for industrial and professional products.

Takeback / refurbishment programs

Takeback and refurbishment programs exist both for Nexpress/Nexfinity Operator Replaceable Parts (ORCs) and Inkjet jetting modules.

For more information on these programs contact your Kodak sales representative.