Employee Health and Safety

The importance placed on health and safety at Kodak underscores the value we have for all our people. Through periods of challenging economic and organizational transformation, Kodak has demonstrated improved health and safety performance. Kodak leaders ensure that healthy workplaces and safe actions are intrinsic values, reinforced through the leveraging of best practices and the sharing of lessons learned.

Employee Safety

George Eastman started the first Kodak Safety Committee in 1911 with the objective of preventing workplace injuries. Eastman believed that workplace injuries and illnesses are preventable, and we continue to hold that belief today.

The Kodak Employee Safety Program provides a framework that ensures safety controls are incorporated into all operations. This is accomplished through systematic identification, evaluation and control of potential workplace hazards by dedicated individuals who are committed to carrying out tasks the right way every time.

Employee Health and Wellness

As part of Kodak's firm commitment to the health and wellness of our employees, we offer – and continually seek to improve – a wide range of programs:

  • Medical surveillance
  • Nursing mothers support
  • Return to work/stay at work program
  • Seasonal flu vaccination program
  • Travel medicine program
  • Kodak medical intranet resources
  • Occupational injury/illness care and treatment

For employees and eligible dependants facing personal challenges or seeking balance in commitments to work, family, community, and themselves, Kodak provides an Employee Assistance Program and an array of Work/Life Effectiveness Initiatives in connection with the Wellness programs. These include:

  • Personal telephone consultations
  • Interactive web resources
  • Emergency backup care for children and older relatives
  • Noontime seminars on topics such as managing stress, parenting, caring for older relatives, and paying for college
  • Flexible work schedules that help employees balance business and personal needs
  • External referrals, as needed

To complement and leverage all its existing health and wellness programs, Kodak also administers its Partners for Health Program. Directed by a cross-functional team including representatives from many of our catering, wellness, health, and insurance service providers, the U.S.-based Partners for Health Program's mission is to share knowledge, encourage healthy choices and foster healthy lifestyles in order that all Kodak employees feel supported and empowered to live healthier lives.