Frequently Asked Questions

Q: May I download Kodak product information (text or images) for hard copy publication, e.g. catalogs, magazine articles, books, etc.?

A: Kodak grants permission for use of Kodak product information (text and images of Kodak products) for catalogs and brochures promoting the sale of Kodak products and for non-commercial research, educational or journalistic purposes such as newspaper and magazine articles and textbooks. All other uses are prohibited. This permission does not cover the right to use the image of any person shown in a product information image. The right to grant such permission belongs to the person shown and Kodak is not able to grant such permission or to give any contact information about the person shown.

Q: May I download Kodak product information (text or images) for hard copy distribution to my customers?

A: Yes. If you are in the business of selling Kodak products, or selling services that involve the use of Kodak products, you may reprint product information from our Web site for distribution in hard copy to your customers. No additional permission is required.

Note: If you want to distribute this information in electronic form (for example, on your Web site), see the following question.

Q: May I use the Kodak Corporate Symbol --

-- on my Web Site or in printed material?

A: No, our policy is that the corporate symbol/logo is Eastman Kodak Company's and is only for use on Kodak products, services and facilities. Written permission from Eastman Kodak Company is required for situations outside of this policy. Contact for permission to use Kodak trademarks..

Q: Can I use Kodak's Sample Digital Images on my Web Site?

A: No. Eastman Kodak Company sells products and services for others to use in capturing and sharing high quality images, but Kodak is not in the business of providing high quality images for use by others. That is the business of professional photographers and stock photo agencies, and we encourage you to obtain your images from those sources. The Sample Digital Images are provided on the Web Site as examples of high quality digital images that people can use to learn more about digital imaging by downloading them and using them on their desktop. They are not intended for redistribution.

Q: OK, then what CAN I do with the Sample Digital Images?

A: : As stated in the Site Terms of Use:

You may download reprint and manipulate the Sample Images for this purpose (to understand the capabilities of the camera or other product that captured the image), but you may not change the composition of the image, and you may not use the manipulated image for commercial purposes.

Q: OK, what is a non-commercial, private purpose?

A: No answer to that question can be complete, but here are some examples.

Acceptable non-commercial, private purpose:

  • use as a screen saver on your personal computer only
  • use on personal documents (such as school assignments)
  • printing out hard copies for personal use (such as wall art)
  • for learning how to use imaging software applications
  • use in newspaper and magazine articles, textbooks

NOT Acceptable non-commercial, private purpose:

  • use on a Web site (even a personal home page)
  • use on newsletters or brochures not promoting Kodak products
  • use as packaging or advertising
  • resale as part of a collection of digital images
  • making screen savers for resale or redistribution
  • use as background art for any Internet or Web-based system