Vehicle Access to Eastman Business Park

Eastman Business Park Non-Kodak Employee Drive-in Requirements

  1. The only recognized business needs for driving on plant include:
    • Delivery or removal of material
    • Deliver or move tools
    • Shuttle multiple people
    • Provide immediate and critical production or information systems support
    • Does not include attending meetings, promotion or sales calls
  2. Kodak transportation systems are the preferred mode of transport for the movement of people and small packages within Kodak Rochester sites.
  3. All alternatives will be exhausted before individuals are authorized to drive on-site.
  4. Non-Kodak vehicles may remain on-site only during active use for business.
  5. Drive-in passes will be issued for a specific length of time matching the actual business need for on-site access. All drive-in passes, at a minimum, require annual renewal.
  6. Drive-in passes for personal vehicles must demonstrate a business need supporting an average of 4 in-plant trips per day (20 per week).

Drive-in Pass Classification

Drive-in Pass Classification

Non-Kodak vehicles entering Eastman Business Park will utilize one of the following 3 pass types.

Pass Purpose Kodak Photo ID Badge Required
Day Pass Permits vehicle to enter Eastman Business Park for 1 day. Requires Kodak employee authorization. No
Assigned Pass An extended term pass assigned to a non-Kodak employee performing frequent service at Eastman Business Park. Both General and Restricted. Yes
Transport Pass Provides immediate vehicle access for pickup or delivery of goods, materials, etc. Drivers not required to possess a Kodak photo ID badge. Driver must provide delivery or pickup paper work and a valid driver's license. No

Visitor Parking

Contractor and subcontractor parking map for Eastman Business Park: