Non-Kodak Employee Personnel Access to Rochester Sites

Types of Non-Kodak Employee Personnel Identification

Visitor Day Passes

  • Short term, typically single day, site access
  • Business justification necessary
  • Escort required during entire visit

Non-Kodak Employee photo ID badge

Kodak will provide a personal identification badge to non-Kodak employees performing services on Kodak Rochester sites for an extended period of time, typically longer than 2 weeks.

Kodak photo ID badges issued to non-Kodak employees serving as sub-contractors should indicate the name of the firm that they are directly employed by, not the prime contractor.

Visitor Responsibilities

The visitor shall meet the Kodak representative, or designated escort, at the appointed time and location, receive the visitor day pass, and proceed (with escort) to the work location. The visitor will acknowledge the site-specific orientation as determined and presented by the Kodak representative. The visitor will display the visitor pass prominently and protect it from damage or loss. Upon departure from the Kodak site, the visitor will return the day pass to their escort.

Issuing Kodak photo ID badges to non-Kodak Employees

All non-Kodak employee photo ID badges are fabricated and issued by security at Eastman Business Park. Your Kodak representative submits requests electronically and they will need the following information from you:

  • Non-Kodak Employee’s legal first and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Social security number
  • Reason for issue (new, delete, or update)
  • Kodak buildings, and work hours that the non-Kodak employee requires access to
  • Firm name
  • Kodak representative’s name
  • Start date that the non-Kodak employee will be on site
  • End date that will result in the expiration of the ID Badge

HSE Site Orientation

All non-Kodak employees receiving a Kodak photo ID badge must complete a HSE Site Orientation prior to issuance of the badge. At the completion of the orientation, a wallet card or certificate will be issued, signifying attendance and the expiration date of the training.

Renewing an Existing photo ID badge

Renewing an expiring ID Badge requires the same request described above and must be submitted by your Kodak representative in response to your notification that your employee’s ID badge is about to expire (two weeks notice is sufficient for renewals). The new badge expiration date will be determined by the earliest of either the requested expiration date or the HSE orientation expiration date.

Non-Kodak Employee Responsibilities

The Company

All employers of individuals issued a non-Kodak Employee photo ID badge for identification and access to Kodak Rochester sites shall provide coordination for accountability and management of badges issued to their employees. Each company shall identify to Kodak a single person who will function as a point contact for any badge related issues or required task. The access coordinator will provide the following functions:

  • Track all photo ID badges issued to company’s employees (name, expiration date, status, etc.).
  • Immediately report to your Kodak representative any changes in employment status that result in the individual no longer requiring access to Kodak Rochester sites (termination, separation, reassignment).
  • Collect and return to your Kodak representative all photo ID badges issued to your employees no longer required within 7 days.
  • Identify photo ID badge and HSE Site Orientation expiration dates 2 weeks in advance and arrange for extensions when required.

The Company Employee

All company employees issued a Kodak photo ID badge for identification and access to Kodak Rochester sites shall:

  • Complete the HSE Site Orientation prior to receiving a photo ID badge. Retain the completion certificate and present it upon request while on Kodak property. HSE completion certificates are valid for 24 months.
  • Attend and acknowledge by written signature, any site-specific orientations requested by the Kodak representative where work is to be performed.
  • Display the photo ID badge prominently, both inside and outside buildings, while on Kodak property and protect it from damage or loss.
  • Prevent other individuals from using their assigned photo ID badge for any reason. If investigation determines that a non-Kodak employee allowed their badge to be used by someone else, immediate removal from Kodak property will occur and may result in that individual no longer being allowed to work on Kodak property.
  • Return their issued photo ID badge to their company’s access coordinator, or their Kodak representative upon request or when access to Kodak Rochester sites is no longer required.

Supplier's Access Coordinator

Any company whose employees possess a Kodak photo ID badge or drive-in pass shall designate an access coordinator. The access coordinator’s responsibilities will include:

  • Submitting the legal first and last names, date of birth and social security numbers of their employees to the Kodak representative that they will be working for.
  • Ensuring that their employees receive the HSE Site Orientation prior to receiving their photo ID badge.
  • Notifying their Kodak representative of any change in their employment status.
  • Collect the photo ID badge of any employee who no longer requires access to a Kodak site and forward the photo ID badge to their Kodak representative.
  • Provide a minimum of two week’s notice for the renewal of photo ID badges or drive-in passes.