Supplier Invoice Requirements and Contract Compliance Review

Invoice Requirements

The form and format of invoices submitted for payment must include a breakdown of cost elements:

  • Labor: itemized detail must include the individual's name, dates, and hours worked during the billing period.
  • Material (including any markup charges)
  • Equipment
  • Rental charges
  • Reimbursable items
  • Tools (if the contract allows)
  • Or in the format and accompanied by such documentation as agreed to in advance by Kodak and the Supplier

Material, equipment, rental charges, reimbursable items and tools must have detailed backup to justify these billings.

Contract Compliance Reviews

The site contracting office "contract compliance auditor" verifies the accuracy of invoices submitted to Kodak for payment by performing regularly scheduled audits. These audits are performed with the contractor to verify that Kodak policies and procedures are followed and contract terms and conditions are adhered to. These audits ensure that payments are made in accordance to the service contract and purchase order.

During the course of a contract compliance review, the contract compliance auditor will require all detailed information to substantiate each of the cost elements on the invoice.

Note: All purchase orders placed with contractors/service suppliers include a "Kodak's Right to Audit" clause.