Health, Safety and Environment

Protecting employees, the public, the environment and our physical plant is a fundamental value at Kodak. We expect anyone working at our site to go beyond just compliance with local, state and federal regulations to achieving HSE excellence. Our philosophy is that all health, safety and environmental incidents are preventable.

Kodak Rochester HSE Policy

At Kodak Rochester, we are committed to advancing sustainability through health, safety and environmental excellence by:

  • Compliance with regulations and corporate initiatives
  • Prevention of pollution
  • Providing a safe, healthful and injury-free workplace
  • Continual improvement of HSE performance
  • Collaboration with our partners to create a site that is valued by the community

Excellence in HSE performance is a key objective of all operations At Kodak sites, including those involving contractors and subcontractors.

Before You Begin

While Working at Kodak

Contractor health, safety and environmental performance at Kodak Rochester sites

Excellence in health, safety, and environmental performance is an objective of all operations at Eastman Kodak Company. This includes operations in which a contractor is performing work on a specific project or is providing a service for Kodak.

Kodak's corporate HSE performance standards clearly state that the HSE performance demonstrated by contractors is part of the selection criteria in Kodak's awarding of initial and future contracts.

Contractor Minimum HSE Performance Requirements for Rochester Sites

Incident Investigation and Documentation

Contractors and subcontractors must notify the Kodak Representative of any Health, Safety, Environmental incident or serious near miss within 24 hours. A written incident report describing the incident and identifying root causes and corrective actions taken to prevent future incidents must be prepared by the contractor and submitted to the Kodak Representative as soon as possible.

Reporting Emergencies (Injury, Fire, Spills)

Site users will report to the Kodak Communications Center, immediately upon discovery, by dialing 911 or 22121 from a Kodak phone or 722-9911 from a non-Kodak phone (pay phones, cell phones) all:

  • injuries
  • fires (extinguished or not)
  • environmental incidents (including spills)

The contractor must also notify their Kodak Representative of the incident.

Identification and Control of HSE Hazards Risks

Planning is a critical step to ensure work is completed in compliance and without incident.

The Kodak representative is responsible to identify the HSE hazards and risks unique to Kodak and beyond ordinary compliance. The Kodak representative will conduct a risk assessment of the work to be done, document the HSE hazards and risks on one of the forms below, and provide it to the contractor:

  • Building Specific HSE Information
  • HSE Requirements for Medium or High Risk Work
  • Low Risk Work Checklist

The contractor is responsible to document a specific HSE plan to execute the work in a way that controls and/or mitigates the HSE hazards and risks identified. The contractors’ job/project specific HSE plan will be reviewed by the Kodak representative for completeness prior to the start of any work.

The contractor is responsible to review the specific HSE plan with everyone working on the job/project. All employees will be asked to sign the HSE plan, the signature verifies they have read, understood and agree to follow the HSE plan.

HSE Project/Work Inspection Requirements:

Contractors must conduct self-inspections on projects to evaluate safe work habits and to ensure compliance with approved HSE plans or Safe Work permits. Corrective actions taken as a result of these inspections will be documented and reviewed with the contractor's employees, subcontractors and Kodak representatives. The minimum frequency of the inspections will be negotiated with the Kodak representative. The inspection records shall be maintained by the contractor and copies provided to Kodak upon request.

Health, Safety and Environmental Training Requirements

The contractor is responsible to ensure its employees and its subcontractors have received all HSE training and medical evaluations required by federal, state and local regulations.

In addition to the above, Kodak requires the following HSE training:

  • Skilled trades and skilled trades supervisors must have completed the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) 10 hour Construction or General Industry Safety and Health course and carry the training verification card while on a Kodak project.
  • Kodak, depending on the type of work being conducted, may specify additional training.

Copies of training and certification records must be maintained by the contractor and will be made available to Kodak upon request.