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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for permission to use the Kodak Brand; including trademarks, product, imagery, advertising, copyrighted content, etc.? Please review these frequently asked questions before contacting Kodak.

Use of trademarks, advertisement, packaging or logos?

At this time we cannot grant permission to use trademarks, advertisements, packaging or logos belonging to Eastman Kodak Company.

If you're looking for a brand licensing agreement or collaboration with Kodak, visit our Brand Licensing page.

If you’re looking to include Kodak trademarks, images, product, or advertising in a feature film, complete the following Product Placement form.

I’m looking for an image? Do you have an archive of images?

Unfortunately, no. We do not have a public archive of images.

If you have a Kodak copyrighted image you would like to use on/for product, please complete the Brand Licensing request form.

Kodak generally grants permission for use of Kodak product information for non-commercial research, educational, historical or journalistic purposes such as newspaper and magazine articles and textbooks provided they give proper credit to Kodak as the source as applicable. All other uses, including commercial uses, are prohibited. This permission does not cover the right to use the image of any person shown in a product information image. The right to grant such permission belongs to the person shown and Kodak is not able to grant such permission or to give any contact information about the person shown.

Please direct your research to public record sources such as historical institutions, libraries, and museums.

George Eastman Museum

Product or Brand Placement in Movies, Commercials and TV?

Are you interested in using KODAK Products, trademarks, advertisements, packaging or Kodak logos in your next production? Complete the request form and we'll get back to you.

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Shot or Projected on KODAK Motion Picture Film?

Download End Credit Logos to promote your production that used KODAK Film.

Brand Licensing

Since 1884, Eastman Kodak has been the brand customers associate with high-quality imaging products. Kodak’s long history in photography has made it one of the most widely recognized and trusted brands in the world.

Brand Licensing

Sponsorships & Collaborations

Thank you for your interest in Kodak as a Sponsorship partner. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate your request at this time. As you can imagine, we receive numerous requests and are unable to support all of them. We encourage you to check http://www.kodak.com/go/community for up-to-date information about our current philanthropic programs. We wish you much success with your fundraising efforts.

If you are interested in a brand collaboration, visit our Brand Licensing page.

If you’re interested in a collaboration with Motion Picture Film please complete the Collaborations form.

KODAK Still Film and Single Use Cameras

If you’re looking for KODAK Still Film or Single Use Cameras go to www.kodakalaris.com