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Kodak celebrates 100 years in Brazil

October 08, 2020

Kodak Brazil complex

What do upstate New York and sunny Rio de Janeiro have in common?

Rochester, NY is the American city where George Eastman founded Eastman Kodak. And Rio? That’s where, in 1920, the history of Kodak in Brazil began through a decree signed by then Brazilian president Epitácio Pessoa.

At the time, Rio de Janeiro was not only the country's capital but also a city whose beauty enchanted tourists from all corners of the planet. And where there is beauty, there are certainly great reasons for beautiful photographs.

In 1954, Kodak took an important step to expand its products in Brazil by manufacturing photo paper for black & white photos in its new factory located in São Paulo. The growing popularity of the Kodak brand resulted in new investments. In 1967, a distribution center was opened in São Paulo, and in 1972, the country would become the headquarters of a new technology hub where Kodak manufactured chemicals, RX film, sensitization of paper and assembled photographic cameras. In the 1976, Kodak opened its new headquarters in Morumbi and, a year later, the manufacture of portable cameras began.

Kodak Brazil interior

“Kodak is a brand that is at the heart of all Brazilians. Our brand remains associated with quality, the transformation of the industry and reliability with our customers,” said Gilberto Farias, President of Kodak Brasileira.

In Brazil, Kodak is the industry leader in CTP automation systems, workflow management software and process free digital plates. Kodak continues to invest in sustainable digital plate technologies, as well as digital inkjet printing systems powered by KODAK ULTRASTREAM Technology, such as the new KODAK PROSPER ULTRA 520 Press.

Regarding new business opportunities, the President of Kodak Brasileira said “Where we have imaging technology, we have Kodak. We are strongly prepared for 100 more successful years in Brazil and in the world!”.