TRENDSETTER Q400/Q800 플레이트세터

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인기있는 KODAK TRENDSETTER Q400/Q800 플레이트세터는 오늘날 빠르게 변화하는 비즈니스 환경에서 사용자를 안내할 수 있도록 설계되었습니다. 20년 넘게 의존해 온 신뢰할 수 있는 인쇄업체 기술을 기반으로 하지만 TRENDSETTER 플레이트세터는 인쇄업체가 적응하고 성장할 수 있도록 진화했습니다.

Advanced automation for flexibility and productivity

Five available automation options. Automation reduces platemaking time and errors caused by manual plate handling.


Automated plate loading and unloading of up to 40 plates without slip sheets (0.3 mm); optional automatic plate rotation.*

Auto Unload

Semi-automatic plate loading and automatic unloading to plate processor or stacker; optional automatic plate rotation.*

Single-Cassette Unit (SCU) Automation

Automated plate loading and unloading of up to 120 plates (0.3 mm) with automated slip sheet removal, optional automatic plate rotation.*

Multi Cassette Unit (MCU) Automation

Automated plate loading and unloading of up to 480 plates in 4 cassettes, each containing up to 120 plates of the same size and thickness with slip sheets, enabling up to 4 plate sizes online. The required cassette is automatically selected according to job definition. Standard: 2 cassettes. Optional: 4 cassettes total. Optional automatic plate rotation.*

Variable Mainscan Resolution (VMR) Specifications

The Variable Mainscan Resolution option lets you adjust the pixel resolution of the KODAK Platesetter in the mainscan (around-drum) direction in order to align the pixel boundaries to the frequency of the lenticular lens boundaries. VMR enables lenticular printers to produce high-quality products by combining accurate registration capabilities with the KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology of KODAK Platesetters.

In-line punch option

  • Up to 10 customized punch heads. Select from a list of punches qualified for TRENDSETTER Q400/Q800 Platesetters
  • Optional automatic punching is operated according to press profile selected from the KODAK Workflow
  • Punch is available on the front edge of the plate only
  • Automatic punch system adjustment for centering of plate

* Cannot be combined with in-line punch system.