Changing your picture-taking habits

Once you've started scrapbooking, you'll find your picture-taking habits changing in ways you've never imagined. Sometimes you'll have the scrapbook page planned before you even take the vacation!!

Tell a story
You could begin your story with a picture of the park entrance. But why not start it before you even leave the driveway by photographing the poor dog squeezed into the back seat, sandwiched between suitcases? Then end your water park adventure with a photo of all those soggy beach towels hanging on the clothesline.

There are other stories to tell. If baby Michele looks just like Grandma at the same age, place their photos side-by-side on the family tree page. If you spent hours sewing a baby quilt for your new nephew, ask your sister to photograph him sleeping with it. If making brownies was more about the process than the end result, photograph your child covered with flour, and then enjoying the finished product.

Take lots of pictures
One picture of toddler Amy invading Mommy's makeup case says, "Amy gets messy." But three pictures capture the significance of the event by saying, "Amy spent a long time and a great deal of care making herself pretty." Some of the most successful scrapbook pages capture not only the event, but also the emotion surrounding it. Sure, journaling will fill in some gaps, but you know the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words."

Use sequences
If your daughter just spent half an hour batting a balloon around the living room, and you take only one picture, what will you remember when you see that picture ten years from now? You're much more likely to recall that balloon's entertainment value if you have more pictures. With a quantity of pictures, you also have more layout and design options for your page.